Seven SC bets win prizes in the Mega-Sena; see where the lucky ones are from

A Mega-Sena accumulated once again in the draw held on Saturday (26), but that does not mean that the people from Santa Catarina left empty-handed: seven bets made in Santa Catarina hit five dozen in the Contest 2466 and secured a good prize.

Seven SC bets hit five dozen in the Mega-Sena – Photo: Rafael Neddermeyer/Fotos Públicas/ND

The luckiest was a gambler from Jaraguá do Sul, in northern Santa Catarina, who took home more than R$169,000. A bet by Araquari, in the same region, also got the same value, but as it is a ten-quota pool, the prize will be divided among colleagues… Even so, a good value, isn’t it?

In Joinville, another pool of ten shares won a prize of R$ 127 thousand. And there was also a winning pool in Criciúma, with 17 shares, which took more than R$ 84 thousand. Other prizes went to Jaraguá do Sul and two to São José, all of around R$ 42 thousand. Check out the values ​​and places of the bets:

  • Araquari – Neitzel Lottery Center – Bolão – BRL 169,608.20
  • Criciúma – Central Lucky Lottery – Bolão – BRL 84,803.99
  • Jaraguá do Sul – Lottery Getúlio Vargas – BRL 42,402.06
  • Jaraguá do Sul – Lottery Jaraguá – 169,608.24
  • Joinville – América Loterias – Bolão – R$ 127,206.10
  • São José – Casa Lotérica São José – BRL 42,402.06
  • São José – Electronic Channels – BRL 42,402.06

In addition to those from Santa Catarina who matched five scores, there were also bets that won smaller prizes for matching four numbers in the contest. Details are available at box website.

And if you haven’t seen the numbers drawn yet and you have butterflies in your stomach imagining that one of the lucky ones could be you, don’t waste time and check it out now: 02 – 03 – 13 – 20 – 53 – 54.

The next Mega-Sena draw will take place on Wednesday (30), with an estimated prize pool of R$110 million. Have you ever thought about what you would do with so much money?

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