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A high on the foresight of David Stern. He was from 1994 to 2014 Chief of the North American Basketball League NBA, He is retired today, but his job was to make the NBA the most important and lucrative sports league in the world. He succeeded, he globalized the league and built China to the most important market outside the United States.

And Star saw in 2006 how complicated that is. He knew very well about the political situation in ChinaBut in the end, his job is to make money no matter how he personally thinks about things: “Believe me, the situation with China is working on me.” His sentences contained a refreshing honesty and it is no coincidence that they are currently circulating again.

The love of the Chinese for the NBA

Because the NBA has to clarify their relationship with China. The casual basketball players and the Chinese strictly controlled by the KP have fallen in love over the years, star had verkuppelt them in the nineties. The NBA rose to the country's main sports league, which was a good thing for both. The Chinese became passionate basketball fans, and the NBA has made the best in China over the past few years with merchandise and streaming subscriptions. Things have been running smoothly so far.

That's the one side, the business. China has 300 million active players, appreciates the NBA, So many inhabitants has the USA, 800 million viewers watched the NBA on the TV or on the smartphone last season. On the other hand, politics. Just before the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets embarked on their promotional tour to China in early October, seven words damaged a year-long cautious business.

They are from Daryl Morey, the manager of the Houston Rockets. He tweeted: “Fight for Freedom and stands with Hong Kong.“He might have guessed what was coming, and he quickly extinguished the salute to the demonstrators, who had been taking to the streets for months against China's growing influence and more autonomy on the autonomously ruled peninsula.” Morey shouted clarifying words Hope to be able to save a little more, but barely two weeks later it is clear that it was about as successful as a house fire extinguishing with the shot glass.

The Rockets are the most popular team in China since Yao Ming became one of the most famous NBA players from 2002 to 2011 as “Great Wall of China”. Today, he is the president of the Chinese Basketball Association and reportedly “very angry” about his old team, said NBA boss David Stern.

The owner of the Rockets walked away from his manager, including the US Basketball Association. James Harden, the Rockets' best player, apologized promptly. The NBA also published a letter in Mandarinin which she was disappointed with Morey's comments.

The consequences

Since then, the NBA is in serious crisis with the Chinese, little hinting at a quick reconciliation. It's not about peanuts. Billions are at stake, Morey's tweet alone could have cost the Rockets between ten and twenty-five million dollars. The season starts on Tuesday and no Houston Rockets games will be seen in China.

The test and advertising games of Los Angeles Lakers against the Brooklyn Nets in Shenzhen and Shanghai did not fall by a hair, live broadcasts were canceled, appointments of athletes in primary schools canceled without giving reasons. When the Lakers started training in the hall, workers came to the arena after half an hour to swap the floor. Chinese sponsors have their logos removed.

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