Several cases of trichinellosis detected in Lozère

Several cases of trichinellosis-positive wild boars have been discovered in Lozère, as well as in the Cévennes and Corsica a few weeks earlier.

Trichinellosis is a zoonosis which is found in particular in wild boar and which can be transmitted to humans with severe cases. Transmission occurs when eating undercooked wild boar meat which contains parasites (trichinae).

Treatment is effective if it is early. On the other hand, in the absence of treatment, trichinellosis can cause sometimes serious complications and leave sequelae.

It is advisable to have wild boar meat analyzed as much as possible before consumption, it is even compulsory when it is consumed outside the family circle.

The National Health Security Agency estimates that in 2019 meat tests prevented no less than 1,900 human contaminations.

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