Sport Several Milan players are affected by Coronavirus

Several Milan players are affected by Coronavirus

The president of Milan, Paolo Scaroni, revealed this Friday that his team has several players affected by the coronavirus that are currently in the recovery phase although the staff maintains the planned preparation plan.

Milan recognized at the start of the pandemic that Paolo Maldini and his son Daniel were affected by Covid 19. They are recovered.

“We have some infected players in the recovery phase. The two Maldinis (Paolo and his son Daniel) are now fine,” said the Milan president during a telematic meeting WarRoom, the Rome InConTra web format, played by various Italian media.

Scaroni, however, indicated that the preparation of the Milan team continues its course with an eye toward the restart of the competition in Italy and recalls, as an example to follow, what happened in Germany.

“Milanello is open and we have already started training again, we keep our distance. We are taking steps towards the restart,” he said. “We can adopt the German formula that quarantines the sick while the others follow.”

The Milan president recalled that the virus is present and that you have to get used to living with it. “We have to get used to living with the virus and this must also be applied to soccer. You cannot stay still until the infection rate is zero.”

After Fiorentina, Sampdoria and Torino, who previously announced that they have been infected among their squads, Milan has now joined.

Scaroni also revealed that he awaits the return of the Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who reinforced the team before the coronavirus crisis. “I think Ibrahimovic wants to play again,” he said. The veteran Scandinavian attacker will return to Italy throughout this weekend, although he will have to go through a quarantine of two weeks before joining the club’s activity.



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