Several people were stabbed to death in Lisbon

The knifeman is a refugee with three children.

Several people were attacked with a knife on Tuesday in the Ismaili Center, an Islamic institution in the Portuguese capital. Two women were killed and a third person was injured, the Portuguese police reported on Tuesday. Nazim Ahmedthe leader of the Ismailis in Lisbon stated that the perpetrator was an Afghan refugee, and the women who were stabbed to death were Portuguese employees of the center.

The knifeman tried to attack the police who arrived at the scene after the alarm, who neutralized him and then took him into custody. The attacker needed hospital treatment because he was shot.

Antonio Costa the Portuguese Prime Minister reacted to the news by saying that it would be too early to classify the exact motive of the crime because the police investigation is still ongoing.

President of the Afghan community living in Portugal, Omed Taeri he knows that the stabber is an Afghan refugee with three children who has been living in Portugal for a year and cannot process the fact that his wife died while they were still in Greece.


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