Several wounded in an altercation between the participants, the protesters at the Hamilton Pride festival


Hamilton police are investigating a physical confrontation between two groups opposed to the Hamilton Pride festival in Gage Park on Saturday.

Jackie Penman, a spokesman for the Hamilton police, said that "I can't say for sure" what triggered the altercation, but that a group of protesters clashed with a group that was participating in the festival.

"I believe there was a religious group there, and they too were joined by some yellow jacket demonstrators, and then some of the Hamilton Pride festival participants were also involved," he said.

The accident happened in the middle of the park, away from the main holidays.

The people involved in the fight had to be separated from the police and escorted out of the property.

The images circulating on social media seem to show protesters with signs condemning the event, despite the barricades that have been set up to prevent them from leaving the festival, even though CBC News could not independently verify the content.

CBC contacted organizers and witnesses for comment.

Although there were officers on duty at the event, Penman said that altercations like this are not "a common event at festivals like this".

He added that the police have witnessed several minor injuries, but no victims or witnesses have submitted information.

"Anyone injured at the festival would certainly encourage us to report to the police to report injuries so we can investigate further," Penman said.


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