Severe divisions around Taiwan at the Golden Horse Awards ceremony


The Golden Horse Awards, the Chinese version of the Oscars, have seen strong political divisions between stars and directors, as the annual ceremony has become a magnet for Taiwan's independence issues.

Taiwanese documentary filmmaker Fu Yue (right) was invited to win the Best Documentary Award at the 55th Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei on November 17, 2018. By Tyrone Seo

At the Saturday ceremony in Taipei, documentary filmmaker Fu Yu asked Taiwan to be recognized as an "independent entity", giving life to a live broadcast between Chinese stars and Taiwanese stars at the awards ceremony.

When the Chinese actor Toe took the stage to present the Taiwan prize as Taiwan. Oscar-winning director Ange Lee chairs the Golden Horse Awards jury and told reporters after the ceremony that everyone was allowed to say what they wanted on stage.

But he said: "We hope that art remains an art and that political issues do not interfere with it because art has purity".

Taiwan is self-governed and has a democratically elected leadership, but China has described the island as a renegade province and has not ruled out the use of force to ensure the unification of both parties. The question of Taiwan's independence is one of the most sensitive political concerns for Beijing.

Tensions between China and Taiwan have increased since independence leader Tsai Ing-wen took office in 2016. Taiwan is preparing for Saturday's local elections, seen as a sign of the ruling party's performance in the government. presidential elections of 2020.

Tsai made the same argument in the case of Sunday, saying that Taiwan would never accept it as a Chinese in Taiwan.

"We can not accept this description", wrote the president on Facebook. Taiwan is simply Taiwan "proud hostess" of the awards ceremony that "highlighted that Taiwan is different from China".

The Golden Horse Awards were one of the most controversial topics on Sunday's microblogging Chinese microblogging site, and a number of top-level stars in China wrote flyers to support Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan.

"China can not be shortened even if it is only one", Chinese film star Fan Bingbing wrote about Wibu's portrait of China, including Taiwan.

By Yasmine Hussein for publication in Arabic – edited by Munir al-Buwaiti



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