Seville, a cure of humility for second division Latin stars at the Latin Grammy celebrations

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The streets of the center of Seville these days have become a hive of groups of young people who, cell phone in hand, have run in search of a selfie with their favorite singer or the current celebrity they bump into. In a stoic way, they have done guards at the doors of hotels to see the illustrious guests who have been staying in the Seville capital these days come and go for the celebration of the Latin Grammy Awards and the endless concerts and parallel activities that have been held in the city.

But not all artists have been acclaimed in the same way. Spanish singers like David Bisbal, Manu Carrasco or Vanesa Martin They have been feted and persecuted by their fans, while other singers who are true stars in Latin America have gone completely unnoticed. All one humility cure.

“They have passed in front of all the people who were at the entrance of the hotel and no one has asked for a photo. They could not believe. In their country they have a legion of followers,” a person who knows the world of the music industry well explains to EL MUNDO. It is better not to say the name of the group so as not to hurt sensibilities.

The fans have not been the only ones who they have ignored to some Latin stars who in Spain are not known to the general public. This Tuesday, at the official reception offered by the Latin Recording Academy at the Royal Alcazar from Seville to the almost 300 Latin Grammy nominees, it was some journalists who, literally, they turned their back to more than one nominated artist when they stood in front of the microphone. If the reporter does not know the artist, no matter how famous he is in Latin America, he is of no interest.

Of course, “we can’t interview everyone,” explains the Sevillian journalist. Sergio Morante, from Canal Sur Televisión, a veteran on the red carpets of all types of events. The strategy of turning your back on the unknown artist “all the media do it” because, in addition, before passing them in front of the reporters’ microphones, “a person from their company comes to sell it to you. If you are interested, you say so and if no, also, so that they do not pass the bad shot“But there are those who are insistent. Therefore, the already refined tactic that Morante uses is “either you turn around or you start talking to the person next to you.” The important thing is “avoid eye contact”he jokes.

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