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How do you get young people to find out about Corona and everything that goes with it? The health department in the Coroan hotspot Neukölln tries a weekly podcast. And the other day it was about (a lot) sex.

Clarify important questions Dr. Christine Wagner, the head of the strategy staff, and actor Serkan Cetinkaya (“Tiger – Die Kralle von Kreuzberg”, “Männerhort”) online in the podcast of the Neukölln health department. For example, the question of whether you can take out the garbage or go to the mailbox during the quarantine. The garden or the balcony are not a problem either. But of course you shouldn’t go shopping or have a party yourself. Young, lively and funny, the two provide information in the podcast about the biggest questions about Corona. And there is also one or the other extraordinary story from her everyday work.

Sex in the flat share in Neukölln

The latest podcast from Wednesday, November 4th, also gives insights into funny conversations that Serkan Cetinkaya had as an employee on the Corona hotline. There he told about a young caller from a shared apartment who feared she was infected.

An excerpt from his stories in the podcast: “I asked: were you 1.50 meters away from the person who tested positive? No. Me: How close was the contact? You: We had sex. Me: And did you have any other close contact with other roommates that evening? You: Yes. Ich: So physical? You: Yes.

Therefore Cetinkaya wanted to record the personal details of the flat share residents: “Me: What’s your boyfriend’s name? You: Why friend? It was just like that. Me: Oh, you are single! You: No, my friend lives in another flat share. Me: You had no contact with him then. You: Yes, we had sex the next day. ”In the end, he had to quarantine two shared apartments.

The podcast explains Neuköllner with loose, fluffy stories

There is this very lifelike Neukölln story, which even put a smile on the doctor’s face online to listen to. The podcast from the health department and other call center stories will continue on the office’s after-work radio next week.

Date: November 3, 2020, Text: Anna von Stefenelli, Image: Health Department Neukölln

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