Jérémy Frick, who watched the resumption of the Bundesliga championship on Saturday, is not a fan of in camera matches. The Genevan talks about it.

The Geneva porter.


Like other soccer lovers in need of a ball, weaned from their passion overnight, he was anxious that it would start again, to see the nets trembling, but above all parades of goalkeepers. Like all the ones he’s done since the start of this season. Goalkeeper of Servette FC, Jérémy Frick did not want to miss the recovery in bundesliga, this Saturday, even if he was satisfied with broad filmed reflections. “I had friends playing and I had fun seeing them on the lawn again.” The Genevan does not hide that in front of his station, he often nodded, before this spectacle without spectators very astonishing, really strange.

“I’m mixed,” admits Jérémy. On the one hand I’m happy because everyone needed to watch matches live and on the other, in Dortmund, there was a weird resonance in the stadium anyway. Now it’s not football per se but it’s better than nothing! ”

“If I am told tomorrow that it is finished, I will not be disgusted”

Jérémy Frick, goalkeeper of Servette FC

If he had fun seeing a ball, Jérémy Frick admits that he is divided when asked if he wants the Super League championship to end or not. He takes gloves, his own. “Both suit me,” he laughs. If I am told tomorrow that it is finished I will not be disgusted, regardless of the classification, says the guardian angel of the Grenat. Now, if we resume, I will be attacking like my teammates, ready to give 100%. To tell the truth, I am neither for one nor the other, it is not up to me to decide. ”

It’s easier to move around with people and noise than in front of 200 people or less ”

Jérémy Frick, goalkeeper of Servette FC

To tell the truth, the doorman 1 of Alain Geiger considers that it is better when the stadium is full like an egg. “It’s easier to get around with people and noise than in front of 200 people or less,” he says. When you understand everything people say, it’s not easy. That’s why it’s easier to focus in the Super League than in the Challenge League … “

While waiting to resume group training, Jérémy Frick continues to follow his individual program, as soon as it resumes, even in camera …

Jérémy Frick is eager to resume competition, but especially in front of the public…


Posted: 05-18-2020, 4:23 p.m.

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