Shady Samy explains how to treat the effects of laser burns and surgery


The dott. Shadi Sami, a specialist in plastic surgery and tonic surgery, said the burn process is a process in which burns are removed from the skin, using parts of the skin extracted from other areas of the body using a surgical technique that leaves no traces to cover. the effects of combustion, Using lasers to remove scars and wounds caused by burning effects.

Dr. Shadi Sami explained that one of the most important advantages of using the same person's skin on the surgical side is not to be subjected to implanted skin rejection, and the relatively new laser burn treatment method, but It was a revolution in the world of cosmetic surgery where it was recently concluded that some lasers can contribute to the elimination of the effects of burns and scars and can combine skin color.

Dr. Shadi Sami said that Egypt is one of the best countries to undergo cosmetic surgery to treat laser burns in light of the presence of a large number of qualified physicians in this field.

The dott. Shadi Sami stressed that the faster the treatment of the effects of combustion, the easier it is, especially that the treatment of laser burns is simple and requires nothing more than local anesthesia and determine the position of combustion and use the appropriate device with appropriate intensity for a period of sufficient skill and accuracy on the part of the doctor The recommendations of the patient's physician in terms of using some creams and lotions to reduce inflammation to start the results appear.


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