Shaila Dúrcal loses 20 kilos with the controversial and very expensive diet of the famous Spaniards

After going through a difficult time marked by health problems and the domestic accident that caused him to lose a phalanx of a finger, Shaila Durcal she decided to take the bull by the horns and make some changes in her life to “feel good about herself again.”

In addition to suffering from a thyroid problem, the artist went through a depression that led her to quit smoking and this led to a worrying weight gain. Although she affirmed that she cared about “being” round “, after four months of work, the results are obvious.

Rocío Dúrcal’s daughter has shared a post about her makeover revealing how good she feels after reaching her goal. A photograph that has impacted her more than 210,000 Instagram followers, who have applauded the artist’s change and encouraged her in her personal challenge.

To achieve this, the artist tells that she guide by a team of professionals, something that is always advisable when we want to change our habits, either to lose weight or in search of a healthier diet. To the put ourselves in the hands of doctors and experts, we will make sure that our health does not suffer the consequences of an undesirable diet.

Specifically, Shaila has followed the Pronokal method, the same one followed by other well-known characters such as the presenter Carlota Corredera, the actors Javier Cámara, Bibiana Fernández and María Adánez or the singer Isabel Pantoja. Before they did Santiago Segura or Jorge Javier Vázquez. And it seems that Carmen Morales, Shaila’s sister, has decided to take over.

The Pronokal method consists of 5 steps and, as we have said, it is done only under medical supervision. Before starting, they ask you for a recent blood test to check that everything is fine and to know where to start.

It is a very low calorie and high protein diet, but in no case do you stop eating, quite the opposite. This diet sets a pattern for you to eat 5 times a day, Yes indeed, carb free.

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In principle, the formula seems simple: a very restrictive consumption of food, in the early stages of which only protein can be consumed -grilled fish and meats- accompanied with vegetables.

To do this (here is the first trap) you need to buy and combine Pronokal products. They are all from high biological value protein with vegetables (although some are limited), and you can choose from a wide range of foods: tortillas, cookies, chips, soups or creams, drinks, bars and even pizza, pasta, breads or desserts. But beware! from Pronokal they will not sell you any product without a prescription from a specialist.

As you go in the different steps or phases, you are introducing the different food groups, until reaching a balanced and personalized diet (vegetables, protein, fruit, dairy products and cereals). The idea is that you end up eating everything in just the right amount. It is also important to include some physical activity in this process. Starting with gentle things like walking or stretching. Although the ideal is a personalized training program.

Do you hit? Apart from the fact that it involves a significant outlay of money, since This restrictive eating plan requires when consuming the brand’s own products During the first phases (they even sell you the flour to make the pancakes), let’s not forget that you eat too much. This means that part of your diet is based during the first days on its range of products, and not on fresh food.

Therefore, although it is a very popular method, it has its dangers and you have to respect certain rules for it to work, which means being able to withstand some side effects.

According to experts: “In the period of adaptation to this type of diet probably you’re going to have a headache, bad breath, and increased irritability. Each one must consider if they want to go through something like this “, they comment Daniel Ursúa, dietitian-nutritionist. Among the symptoms that a person may experience at the beginning of any type of ketogenic diet are also nausea or headaches, dizziness, muscle cramps or low energy levels.

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This would be another of the critical points of the Pronokal method, which in order to be effective you have to achieve a state of ketosis (it takes about 3 days). Ketosis is a metabolic situation in the body that occurs when it does not have the carbohydrate supply it needs to obtain energy. This causes fat to be used for this purpose by generating ketone bodies that break down fat (when we are fasting, for example, it contributes up to 75 percent of energy). In this way, the body stops using carbohydrates as a primary source of energy, replacing them with fats and this causes it to be eliminated quickly.

But the fact that it helps you lose weight quickly does not mean that it is a recommended way to lose weight. Well, it restricts the intake of certain foods, also prioritizing processed products or not recommended, with the consequences for your body that this may entail. For example, chocolate cakes contain, among other ingredients, sugar, glucose syrup or sunflower oil. Other products such as smoothies or cold drinks contain potentially harmful substances such as sugars or sweeteners (glucose syrup or matinol), thickeners and stabilizers. Which is striking in a diet that indicates reducing the number of carbohydrates and the consumption of sugars.

“Not that it is a ketogenic diet as such, but part of it can cause ketosis,” Explain Nerea Robles del Horno, family doctor and dietician in Bilbao. The cetosis it is a metabolic state in which the body uses fat and ketones instead of glucose (sugar) as its main source of energy.

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Also, as with most restrictive diets, they are not sustainable over time and it is highly discouraged to follow it continuously. Regarding the studies used by proponents of this diet to sell it, Robles clarifies that “There are some that point out that it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, these are incomplete and unfinished studies and, at the moment, they are not enough to recommend this diet. ”

It is clear that this diet can make us lose weight quickly in a short period of time, but “It is not feasible to maintain it in the long term and, therefore, when you leave it, it generates a great rebound effect, causing us to gain more weight than we have lost,” adds Robles. Let them tell Carlota Corredera!

By the way, as for the price, as pointed out The Spanish, the Pronokal diet can go for about 500 euros per month. So this plan may not be for all budgets. Well at price of each revision With the nutritionist you must add the cost of the products to be consumed, about 3.50 euros per meal, according to a blogger who followed this diet.

Remember that Express diets that promise miracles in record time are not recommended, just like alert the Ministry of Health, both due to its subsequent rebound effect and the health risk that it may entail. If you still decide to follow them, it shouldn’t take too long.

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