Shailene Woodley Confirms Engagement to American Footballer Aaron Rodgers | NOW

Actress Shailene Woodley has confirmed her engagement to American football player Aaron Rodgers in a interview with Jimmy Fallon. The 37-year-old athlete previously announced that he is engaged to someone, but then did not name a name.

In the interview, 29-year-old Woodley says that she finds the sudden attention to their engagement quite funny. “People are very enthusiastic, even though we have been engaged for a while now.”

The actress goes on to say that she never expected to marry an athlete. “He’s a great person. As a young girl I never thought: when I grow up, I will marry someone who throws balls around. But he is very good at it.”

Woodley is known for roles in, among others The Fault in Our Stars in The Divergentfilm series. She has been in a relationship with Rodgers since last fall.


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