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There is no doubt that it has gone fast in the turns for the star couple Shailene Woodley (29) and Aaron Rodgers (37).

In February, the 37-year-old was able to reveal that he had peace and got yes, but at that time he refused to reveal who his chosen one was. The engagement came barely seven months after the break-up with race car driver Danica Patrick (39).

Despite keeping his then-new fiancée a secret, there were rumors that it was actress Shailene Woodley he had found happiness with. Shortly afterwards the actor confirmed the happy news.

– Yes, we’m engaged. But for us, this is old news, you know, so it’s pretty funny. Everyone else is freaking out right now, and we just, “Yeah, we’ve been engaged for a while,” said actor to talk show star Jimmy Fallon (46), quoted by The Independent.

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“Did she have a baby?”

The couple thus plans to spend the future together. Now there is also wild speculation about whether the couple has already managed to become parents or not, after a picture of some baby feet appeared on social media.

On Wednesday this week, the actor shared a picture on Instagram’s story function. The picture shows two baby feet – without any further explanation.

SPECULATIONS: This picture accelerated the rumor mill.  Photo: Instagram / Shailene Woodley

SPECULATIONS: This picture accelerated the rumor mill. Photo: Instagram / Shailene Woodley
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It has, of course, fueled rumors that the couple have become parents.

“Ehm, who’s her baby on Shailene Woodley’s Instagram ???” asks a user on Twitter.

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“Well, Shailene Woodley who publishes baby feet on her story. Is she trying to tell us something? ” writes another, while a third writes:

“Has Shailene Woodley had a baby ????”

“The question is: why did the Shails just happen to publish pictures of baby feet without any explanation?” writes a fourth.

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– Busy everyday life

Page Six has tried to get in touch with spokespersons for the NFL player and actor without success, but points out that the 37-year-old has still not published any kind of announcement on his own Instagram profile.

These days, the couple spends time apart – Aaron prepares for the football season, while his fiancé records the HBO series “Big Little Lies”.

– It is a busy workday for her, so my decision (to prepare for the football season in another state journ.anm.) Came at the right time for both of us, so we can focus on our jobs, the 37-year-old said to Haute Living last week.

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The celebrity website PerezHilton writes, however, that it is probably just a random picture, as all the research they have done on the subject has shown that the couple has not become parents.

Among other things, they emphasize that the 29-year-old did not appear to be pregnant when she published photos from a holiday in May.

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