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Reason For The Separation Shakira And Pique
The singer’s ex-brother-in-law assured that the reason for the separation between Shakira and Piqué was money. | Foto: Getty Images.

After it was revealed that Shakira and Gerard Piqué separated, the rumors around the reasons that led the couple to make this decision have been the order of the day. However, it was one of the ex-brothers-in-law of the singer who revealed the truth of the separation between the two to a Spanish medium.

Robert Garciaex-boyfriend of one of the sisters of Shakirahe said in an interview for the Spanish media EsDiary that the interpreter of “Congratulations” and the soccer player seemed to have a perfect relationship, but in reality the problems between them began months ago and the reasons were merely economic.

According to Garcia, on one occasion Pique He asked the Colombian singer for a large amount of money to invest in other businesses, but the one from Barranquilla denied it, because his parents did not agree, and it is precisely they who give the last point of view in the finances of Shakira.

“According to what a person very close to them has told me, there has been an economic problem between the two. Supposedly, Gerard Pique I would have asked for money Shakira for an investment issue and the singer’s family has refused to give it to him “, Roberto Garcia stated.

It was for this reason that the relationship fractured and they began with constant fights that ended up separating them, assured the ex-partner of the sister of Shakira.

García also said that “they”, referring to Shakira and Piqué, “do not mix their money and take the family economy to 50%”.

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But that was not all, since according to what he assured, the singer never had the intention of marrying Pique, since, he said, “Shakira was set on Pique because he liked to be the father of his children. She knew that she would never marry him.”

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