Shakira’s ex-in-law talks about his relationship with Piqué

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CDMX / 27.06.2022 08:42:00

Much has been said that the separation between Gerard Piqué and Shakira It was due to an alleged infidelity of the footballer, however, according to the testimony of the singer’s ex-brother-in-law, the main points of their separation would have been economic problems.

Roberto García, who had an eight-year relationship with Lucila, Shakira’s sister, confessed that the real issue has been about money, mainly because of an investment that the Spaniard wanted to make and that the actress also refused the old man.

“As someone very close to them told me, there has been a financial problem between the two. Supposedly, Piqué would have asked for money from Shakira for an investment issue and the singer’s family has refused to give it to her. They do not mix their money and take the family economy to 50%“He commented in an interview for Esdiario de España.

Similarly, he noted that the Colombian’s parents are very involved in the singer’s life talking about the monetary issueWell, they are the ones who help her with her finances and that type of decision would not only have remained between the couple, but also with Piqué’s in-laws.

she would never marry him

On the other hand, García assured that Shakira was very much in love with the current element of Barcelona, ​​however, she never thought of marrying him and liked the relationship they were having.

“Shakira noticed Piqué because she liked him to be the father of her children. She knew she would never marry him“, he added.

Finally, the ex-brother-in-law highlighted Piqué as an educated and gentlemanly personwith whom he always had a good relationship every time they saw each other at family gatherings.

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