Shameful images in Seraing: Charleroi fan buses were attacked after the match (video)

Charleroi picked up three important points on Saturday against Seraing. A victory celebrated by players and supporters, as is the case with every success. But the way back will not have been easy for the Carolos, who were trapped by a group of around forty hooligans, some wearing hoods, as they were about to get on the highway.

In total, 7 cars were targeted by stone throwing. A projectile even shattered the window of one of them, ending up in the abdomen of a teenager. A young girl was also injured, victim of abrasions caused by the broken window. “We were hit by a cobblestone, it shattered the window of the bus. It was young people who were behind, they were hit. They went to the hospital when they arrived in Charleroi”explains Jean-Louis, co-manager of the ICO4 supporters club, who was on the trip.

In the columns of La Meuse, members of the convoy spoke of throwing concrete blocks and a prepared attack, the attackers having landed suddenly from a parking lot. In the lot, there was in particular a man with the Standard jersey, which worries the management of Sporting. “It’s really cowardice! I’m very angry with the police of Seraing and Liège for not having followed the convoy”explained Pierre-Yves Hendrickx, the administrative director of Charleroi, in the columns of the newspaper. “I hope there are pictures of what happened on the motorway. I don’t know if they were Standard supporters, but it looks like it, especially since the buses had just crossed the bridge closest to Sclessin. And it was the Storm Ultras and Boys buses that were targeted… On our side, we are going to push for an investigation and we will call the Liège police”he announced.

The coaches were, however, escorted by the police. This incident leaves traces in the supporters affected. “We are no longer in football, it becomes something else. It’s dangerous for the future.”, confirms Jean-Louis. Scenes that we can never tolerate.

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