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Original title: Shameful defeat!Reporters criticize Manchester United fans: the worst in history

On April 10, Beijing time, Manchester Evening News Manchester United editor Samuel Luckhurst said after Everton’s 1-0 victory over Manchester United that Manchester United had won 3 of the past 12 games and 22 games under Rangnick. won 9 games. Predictably, this experiment in hiring Rangnick failed.

Worst Everton in 20 years are unbeaten against Manchester United at the end of the season, with one Everton fan just saying: “This is the worst Manchester United I’ve ever seen.” And the Guardian’s Manchester correspondent Jamie Jackson “The players are to blame, but it’s the management at the highest level: the Glazers have watched Manchester United goof around for nine years, nine years,” he said.

Man contacted a famous columnist and Sam Pilger, who contributed to 442, TA, Sport Bible and many other media, said: “Manchester United probably shouldn’t blindly trust Solskjaer, but hiring a temporary worker after dismissing Solskjaer seems to be nothing. use.”

Amitai Winehouse, editor-in-chief of The Athletic UK, tweeted: “Cristiano Ronaldo looked so out of step in this game that he spent most of his time chasing Tim Cahill and Tim Cahill around Goodison Park. Phil Jagielka. (Both are Everton legends)”

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