Shanghai is building fences and barricades around buildings to spread Covid-19

According to the Caixin business newspaper, the Shanghai administration ordered the construction of sheet metal barriers and wire mesh fences in several places in the modern Pudong financial district. The entrances to the apartment buildings, where the coronavirus infection was proven, were blocked, according to the AP agency, leaving only a small opening for anti-pandemic workers.

On Sunday, China reported 21,796 newly confirmed cases of covidem-19 community transmission. The vast majority of them are asymptomatic cases in Shanghai. Many Chinese cities and provinces have introduced some form of closure to slow the spread of the virus.

The latest wave of diseases, which is driven by the highly contagious variant of omicron, has spread throughout the country, but especially in Shanghai. Hundreds of thousands of cases have been confirmed there since the epidemic began two months ago, but less than 100 have been linked. However, according to the AP agency, the actual number of deaths is probably higher. In Shanghai, authorities reported 39 new deaths on covid-19 in the last day. The day before it was 12.

People have posted videos on social media that show Saturday’s deployment of new roadblocks. Some users have sharply criticized the measures. According to Caixin, the main Shanghai transport routes are to remain open.

In one of the videos, the authenticity of which was verified by the AP agency, the inhabitants of the Xuhui district tore down the fence in front of the entrance to their house and searched for a security guard, who they thought was his fault.

The Shanghai lockdown has attracted worldwide attention. Many residents of the city had difficulty finding food and resorted to barter or buying large quantities of supplies. Problems with the provision of routine medical care have also been reported.

On Saturday, Chinese Internet censors deleted a widely shared six-minute video documenting the drastic effects of the closures. In one part of the video, there was a recording from April 8, in which the inhabitants of a Shanghai complex shouted: “Send us food”.

The Chinese authorities continue to argue that a zero-tolerance strategy for covid-19 is the best solution to the epidemic, given the low vaccination coverage of people over 60, and that if this policy is abolished, the omicron option would claim the lives of a much larger number of people.

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