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Shaquille O’Neal is as fluid as he thinks he is.

The NBA legend has shown that he can still leave redheads in the face when his live television interview quickly turns into a flirtatious exchange between him and an American TV star.

Appearing on E News " Daily Pop exhibition to promote a new line of high-end men's clothing designed for gentlemen plus size, the 47-year-old was asked to show off his best model camera looks.

His sullen eyes, eyebrows rise and the signs of "call me" to the host Rocsi Diaz had the whole study in his face while the woman giggled and buried her head in her hands.

"I'm lost," Diaz said as the NBA legend was asked to show some more moves on the couch.

When Diaz described one of his looks as "sad and sullen", the giant of 2.16 m shot flirting with the guest seated in front of him.

"I could never be sad and sulky with you sitting there," he said.

"It's always in my DM, I just wanted you to know."

An exasperated Diaz replied: "Oh my God, let's tell the truth".

A clearly moving Shaq then replied: "I can't tell you some of the things he says.

"Do you know what he says? He says "Even though I'm Spanish, you know I like that chocolate". Really.

"And I say to her:" Once you go Shaq, you never go back "."

He also said that he had sent him "sensual" photos on direct messages.

An agitated Diaz then asked Shaq to "tell the truth" about their exchanges on Instagram.

He said he tracked down Shaq on Instagram to tell him that he would interview him on TV that week – and he was asking the Basketball Hall of Famer to make it look good on TV.

A frosty Shaq said he never mentioned their next TV interview and then suggested subtly that the guest guest owed him a betrayal appointment.

As only Shaq could do, Diaz was even offering to pay the date towards the end of the interview, despite having said that his interviewee was "full".

With love clearly blossomed on the set, the host E tried to resume the interview in order with some rapid-fire questions – but Shaq had none.

When asked what the first thing he does when he wakes up, the Lakers champion said he would kindly talk to any woman who shared his bed.

"I say," Hey, it's okay, "Shaq joked before bursting out laughing.

"No, the first thing I do is say," How are you? Who are you interviewing today? Oh, are you interviewing me? Well, I'll be right behind you.

"I'm just playing in America, I'm just playing."

No word yet on whether Diaz actually has an interest in sharing a meal with the adorable rascal.



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