Shar, who reached the final of the Catalan Cup: “I can’t ask for more today”

“We did a lot of things well. We ran well, hit a lot of 3-pointers. We have to work on the details, but I can’t ask for more today,” said Šar.

“Girona’s team is great, they have one of the best coaches of all time (Aito Garcia Reneses – author’s post). They will have a great season”, added the specialist from Lithuania.

Barca defender Nico Laprovittola has spoken of the need for the team to prepare for the season following the late signings of some players.

“Everyone played well, we gathered a lot of information. A demanding match awaits, we want to win this cup and bounce back from a good start,” said the player.

photo “Barcelona” club/Rokas Jokubaitis

Tomaš Satoranky was the most productive in the Barcelona team with 13 points, Lithuanian Rokas Jokubaitis scored 12 points.

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