Share split announced: Tesla price shoots up

A year ago, a Tesla paper cost $ 211, during this time the price spiraled to almost $ 1,800. Since the beginning of the year alone, it has more than tripled. The announcement of a stock split is now providing further fantasy.

The US electric car maker Tesla has announced a share split. Shareholders are to receive four more share certificates as dividends for each paper, the company announced. This should enable more employees and investors to become shareholders. The procedure should take effect on August 31.

Tesla Motors (USD) 1.374,39

Since a stock split can increase the buying interest, offshoots reacted happily and drove the Tesla price up in after-hours trading by almost 6 percent to more than 1450 US dollars. At the regular close of trading on Tuesday, Tesla shares had cost $ 1,374.

The Tesla shares had recently rushed from one price record to the next. They have more than tripled their course since the beginning of the year. The electric car maker went public ten years ago. Tesla’s current market value is around $ 230 billion. For comparison: Daimler, BMW and VW together have a market value of around 145 billion euros.


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