Sharp foul, fourth red and it’s over. French footballers completely burned out against Poland

In the last match of the tournament, the so far undefeated teams of France and Poland faced each other, and they were supposed to fight it out for victory. The Polish 18 entered the match better, taking the lead in the fifth minute, but Bentoumi scored in the 22nd minute and Housni three minutes later, and suddenly the score was reversed.

However, the Poles were not caught off guard and Kozlovsky responded quickly, making it 2-2 at half-time. In the second half, however, instead of goals, red cards began to fly. In the 55th minute, Housni, who plays for the youth team of Paris Saint-Germain, was sent off, followed six minutes later by defender Belocian, who plays for Rennes.

Shortly after that, the Poles took the lead again thanks to Kacper Masiak, and the next red did not take long. It was blocked by defender Yoni Gomis and the home team only played in the eighth. Seventeen-year-old Darnel Bile, however, completed the disaster moments later.

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