She became a millionaire after taking advice from a fortune cookie

A tiktoker revealed that a fortune cookie was key for her, after she became a millionaire some time after she lost a job and went through a bad time.

As reported by the portal 20 minutes, the woman identified as Amanda pointed out in the aforementioned red social that she was “completely broken inside” after being unemployed from one minute to the next.

“My husband bought Chinese food that night to cheer me up and this is the paper that was inside my fortune cookie,” she said.

On the paper, the following message appeared: “You will have unexpected success in business.”

“I had no business idea, but I had nothing to lose,” said the woman, who raised money for a few months and then bought a machine to make sewing designs, stickers and other types of decorative objects.

After this, he created an online store to sell his products, when from one moment to another two of his creations went viral.

“I became a millionaire. My husband quit his job and we invested everything in the store for the next 5 years, “she said.

“Today, my store is worth 12 million,” said the woman, who sent a message to her followers: “Trust the universe, look for a sign and hold your head up high.”


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