She caused his arrest.. Sherine tries to save Hossam Habib

Weird scenes The crisis of the Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab and her ex-hussam HabibAfter accusing him of insulting, slandering and assaulting, which led to his arrest, along with his possession of an unlicensed weapon.

Hossam Habib was released after listening to his statements and seizing his weapon, which was accompanied by a resounding surprise, represented by his verbally announcing his response to his wife, Sherine, during the legal period during which it is permissible to respond.

Then his lawyer revealed many surprises, including Hossam Habib’s confirmation that he was staying with Sherine as her husband, and that when the crisis occurred between him and Sherine, he asked her for his clothes and the keys to the safe to get his weapon.

At that time, Sherine called the police and summoned her, and Hossam Habib was arrested that night, but the prosecution decided to release him on bail after listening to him, and to summon those who said they were witnesses in the incident of his wife’s return to his infallibility.

Jamil Saeed, Hossam Habib’s lawyer, revealed that he received a call on Tuesday evening from Sherine, asking him about the latter’s condition, and how to help him cross the crisis he is going through.

The lawyer pointed out that Sherine has good feelings, and he told her that she is in his children’s goat, and she can come to his office at any time in order to end the matter completely, especially since she does not deserve to be a talk to everyone in this way.

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The Egyptian lawyer confirmed that Sherine mentioned in her communication that Hossam Habib visited her at her home to talk about works of art, but a family discussion that took place between them caused him to verbally assault her.

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