She criticizes her bank on Twitter… and has all her accounts closed


Her professional bank account linked to her bookstore, her personal account, her joint account, her companion’s account and that of one of her daughters… To date, Julie Goislard, bookseller on rue de Villeneuve, in Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine), for ten years, has received five letters from its bank branch, the Société Générale, located place des Martyrs, announcing the closure of its accounts within 60 days. However, the trader does not display any financial difficulty or default that could justify such procedures.

But his messages posted on Twitter to challenge his agency, unable to reach someone live, would be behind this decision. On October 22, after yet another failure of its TPE (electronic payment terminal) and after having called its bank exactly 36 times without response, Julie Goislard decided to write on Twitter to reach customer service.

Bright, but polite messages, like those that now appear regularly on networks, written by customers faced with answering machines and other premium rate numbers with no one to talk to.

“In the process, I received a call from the director of the agency, not to help me and find a solution to my problem, but to tell me to stop tweeting and to threaten me to close my account” , tells the bookseller. Who regularly shares on social networks his literary favorites and his little rants of everyday life, between the galleys of transport and those that can meet any merchant.

Except that the threat from his bank was quickly carried out. She thus receives a first registered letter dated December 12. A letter headed by Société Générale terminating the contract, within the legal 60-day period. “I nevertheless obtained an appointment with the director, on December 20, it lasted exactly six minutes,” says Julie Goislard, who was then accompanied by her spouse. “It was totally impossible to discuss and the manager told us that he was doing what he wanted and that he could even close all of our accounts,” she breathes.

Registered letters without bank header

Since then, the bookseller and her companion have received three registered letters dated December 21, the day after the appointment, stipulating that their personal accounts be closed. With one small feature: the missives are sent on white paper, without the bank’s header, without the legal notices of recourse to the mediator. “It surprised us because the letters don’t look like the first one,” said the shopkeeper, who in the meantime received a registered letter informing her that one of her daughters’ bank account had been closed.

“It is totally delusional as a situation,” breathes the clichoise trader who told her misadventure on Facebook, this time, generating several hundred shares and supportive comments. Some also relay relational difficulties with this same bank agency.

For its part, Societe Generale refuses to comment on this file, under “confidentiality and banking secrecy”. But says he was aware of this case and deplores the bookseller’s tweets. “The bank can close a bank account at any time with 60 days notice,” said the group’s communications department, adding that “the bank does not have to justify its decision”.

VIDEO. She criticizes her bank on Twitter… and has all her accounts closed


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