she dreamed that her dog would bring alliances, the commune of Jalhay refuses!

Ah marriage. One of the happiest days of your life. For hers, Aurore Maas had planned everything, except that the town excluded her dog from the festivities.

“When we filled out our marriage declaration 6 months ago, I asked if my dog ​​could bring us the wedding rings. The lady had said she would get back to us. Two months ago, with no news, I asked the question again and was told that they would come back to me. Finally, I was telephoned this morning to tell me that the dog could not bring alliances, 4 days before the wedding. “

►► A real sledgehammer for the Jalhaytoise: “I do not understand the reaction of the burgomaster”

►► The latter is explained: “We must stay with our feet on the ground”


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