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“Nothing like a day in the park and a good book to raise our grade.” This was the message of the first post of Flora on Instagram, which is defined as the first Colombian digital ‘influencer’ created with Artificial intelligence. What is this novelty about?

Behind Flora stands Juan Camilo Rodriguez, of Dirty Kitchen and the agency Goldfish, the latter with more than 450 clients in Latin America. The objective is “to connect with people who live discovering the world in different ways”, as explained the weekly portal, using this computer generated character.

Today artificial intelligence helps us tell stories in a different way and that’s why we wanted to try; Flora was born in this exercise of creating the two companies,” Rodríguez said in a conversation with Colombian journalist Juanita Gómez.

Flora Share your hobbies, hobbies and more details of your current affairs, just like any real influencer would.

“Feel cute! First photo with tongue out and big smile. I’m learning new ways to smile, and I’m dead. What is this so cool. Don’t stop smiling!” Flora points out in another Instagram post.

The ‘influencers’ based on Artificial Intelligence, a trend in the world

Although she barely has just under 1,500 followers on Instagram, the virtual ‘influencer’ has already collaborated with the companies Chocoramo and Totto.

The “Colombian” Flora, as she is known, joins a trend of digital figures that have gained space since the appearance of the COVID pandemic, as Juanita Gómez remembers well in Semana.

that’s how they are Lil Miquela, a 19-year-old robot from Los Angeles, California, belonging to the Brud company and an expert in creating songs.

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Or also Shudu, proclaiming herself as the world’s first digital supermodel, part of the Barmain Virtual Army digital campaign.

How far will Flora go, among her virtual companions?

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