She is the dreamy girlfriend of Tamás Kásás: she and Sophie have been together for almost 4 years – Domestic star

Tamás Kásás three-time Olympic champion water polo player, won gold in a row with the Hungarian team in 2000 in Sydney, 2004 in Athens, 2008 in Beijing.

It is natural that the 46-year-old star was also featured in the documentary film “The Gold of the Nation”, whose heroes are the Hungarian water polo legends who conquered the world between 1997 and 2008: Tibor Benedek, Gergely Kiss, Zoltán Szécsi, Tamás Molnár, Péter Biros, Kásás and many others.

Tamás Kásás’s girlfriend

Tamás Kásás retired ten years ago: he retired from the national team in 2011, but in 2012 he was still a member of the water polo team that reached fifth place at the London Olympics. Since then, he avoids the limelight, rarely gives interviews, and little is known about his private life.

Photo: Golds of the nation/László Szabolcs

On the other hand, he stepped on the red carpet with his beautiful girlfriend at the national gold show. The partner of the former elite athlete is a tall, slender lady with fair hair and eyes.


Photo: Golds of the nation/László Szabolcs

He posted a joint picture with the beautiful woman on January 11, 2021, on the occasion that they had already been a couple for 18 months. The commentators wrote that Sophie and Kása make a compatible couple.

Tamás Kásás told Endre Kadarkai’s program Beyond Words in March that the athlete’s performance had a long-term impact on his love life. Before the Olympics in Sydney, his participation was almost in jeopardy due to a disappointment, the coach of the national team, Dénes Kemény, almost slapped him to come to his senses.

Dénes Kemény and other stars with their partners from the premiere

Dénes Kemény came to the show with his majesty. Renáta is twenty years younger than Dénes Kemény, but the big age difference did not start their relationship, they have been a couple for almost twenty years.

Cover photo: The gold of the nation/László Szabolcs

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