She left suddenly and calmly. The British Prime Minister’s mother died

Charlotte Johnson Wahl, the mother of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, died suddenly at the age of 79 in a London hospital. She suffered from a serious illness for a long time.

Boris Johnson’s mother died suddenly and peacefully in St Mary’s‘s Hospital in West London, The Times reported on Tuesday. Charlotte Johnson Wahl lived to be 79 years old. She has suffered from Parkinson’s disease since she was 40 years old. Despite the complications associated with the disease, she continued her work, was a painter and specialized in portraits. Over time, she used a walker to stabilize her work.

Boris Johnson once described his mother as a woman who taught him that all people have the same value. The artist married the prime minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, in 1963 before she could complete her studies at Oxford University. The couple had four children together – Boris, journalist Rachel, former minister Joe and environmentalist Leo. In 1979, the Johnson divorced.

In 1988, the prime minister’s mother married American Professor Nicholas Wahl and moved with him to New York, where she began painting city skylines. She returned to London when her husband died in 1996.

The British Prime Minister and Conservative leader are now being condolled by politicians and celebrities. “It is very sad to learn about the death of Boris Johnson’s mother. Our thoughts are with you, we pray for the whole Johnson family,” he wrote on twitter the prime minister’s friend Conor Burns, a member of the Conservative Party. Labor leader Keir Starmer also expressed regret over the report. “I am sorry for the loss of the prime minister. My sincere condolences to him and the whole family,” he said on Twitter.

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