She loses an eye while taking a shower with her contact lenses


A simple forgetfulness can have dramatic repercussions. Petra van Kalmthout, a 50-year-old Belgian, lost her sight at the cost of severe pain. The cause: he just forgot to remove his contact lenses before taking a shower.

An insignificant oversight in short, and the story could have stayed there. Except on one of his goals there was a parasite.

"Surely he went wrong, the water has infiltrated between my eye and my contact lens, it contained a parasite, harmless, unless it reaches the eye"Petra van Kalmthout recalled the radio station Flemish Radio 2 Antwerpen on Friday 30 November.

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A few hours after washing, he began to feel itching and burning. He then immediately consulted his doctor who prescribed the drops that had no effect.

A few days later, no longer able to bear the pain and unable to see anything, he made the decision to go to the hospital in Antwerp. There, the doctors tried to make a corneal transplant, to no avail.

It was then necessary to withdraw the eye and Petra van Kalmthout lived with an eye patch for three long years. The fifties now wear an ocular prosthesis.

Wearing lenses can be very useful for many people who have preferred this device to glasses. However, this may be more restrictive.

In addition to not taking a shower with the lenses, it is advisable to wash them with a suitable product and above all not with clean water. It is also much better to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching the lenses.

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