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Princess Kate: “She doesn’t try to be in the spotlight”

The expert believes Kate deliberately chose a subtle color: “It’s not an overwhelming color like a bright red or blue, though, and she doesn’t try to take the spotlight.”

But not only that, according to Stanton, Kate should have tried to stay in the background. She is said to have been so in tune with William that her demeanor almost ended “professional dancers” should have remembered. In a joint photo with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa “both stretch their hands forward, they adjust and subconsciously mirror each other, which shows that they are both on the same pageboth thinking the same thing and acting almost like professional dancers because they are so in sync.”

Kate not only has König Charles III and William voluntarily gave the attentionshe has also deliberately attempted this distract from yourselfn by wearing clothing that is as inconspicuous as possible. And the subconscious mirroring of Williams’ gestures could also indicate that Kate wanted to imitate her husband so as not to attract attention. Kate makes it very clear: I don’t want to be in the spotlight (at least for this gig).

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