She reveals her sublime new darling on the Web

At first glance, Aurélia the famous candidate of Llove is in the meadow would obviously have found the right fit! Indeed, Pierre and Fred recently published a snapshot which allows to discover the darling of the young woman. Caught in the act, the lovebirds no longer hesitate to appear together on social networks. A love story on which Objection tells you more today.

Aurelia (Llove is in the pre) : the young woman, would she have definitely found the ideal partner?

More good news ?

Decidedly, many candidates from Llove is in the meadow seem to be living pretty idylls lately. Last June, Mathieu and Alexandre organized their wedding, for example, in order to formalize their relationship that began on the show. For this wedding, the lovebirds had thus put the dishes in the big ones by organizing a grandiose ceremony. On this particular day, the presence of Karine Le Marchand was not, moreover, gone unnoticed. Obviously very close to Mathieu and Alexandre, the famous host then spent the whole day with them. A party to which Aurélia was also invited.

Indeed, the candidate of Llove is in the meadow has many friends among other program participants. On many occasions, they all like to get together to evoke the memory of their time in the M6 ​​program, but also to have a good time with friends. During one of these recent meetings at Pierre and Fred’s, Aurélia was still present. A small event during which the young woman appeared in very good company. Obviously, the farmer would indeed no longer have a heart to take. Objection therefore invites you to discover more.

A very explicit cliché!

Following this reunion of alumni candidates of Llove is in the meadow, Pierre and Frédérique have published some photos of this meeting on social networks. On one of these publications, the public was then able to discover Claire and Sébastien who will soon become parents, but also the face of Aurélia alongside the man who now accompanies her. Obviously, the young woman has indeed find love. If the farmer had been rather discreet until today, this is the information revealed. The beautiful brunette would have actually found love in the person of a handsome bearded man with curly hair. Information that she will confirm herself a few moments later.

On his account Instagram, Aurélia also publishes a photo in which the young man appears. Even though her eyes are hidden by heart-shaped emojis, the candidate’s subscribers Llove is in the meadow can discover on his face a broad smile. For her part, Aurélia also seems very happy. Apparently, the new lovebirds were in the south of France as confirmed by the main interested party in her message. Aurélia explains that she is in Sète for a romantic getaway with a great program in perspective: “Just to fill up on iodine and my other cute sin, seafood”. A little getaway before hitting the road again and joining their friends in the Gers.

New reunion

After this small passage by the shores of the Mediterranean, Aurélia actually took the direction of her friends in Llove is in the meadow. A meeting during which the star of Llove is in the meadow once again appeared alongside her sweetheart. In any case, the reactions of Internet users have not failed. Obviously very happy to happiness displayed by Aurélia, her fanshave it didn’t take long to congratulate her. Indeed, this cliché on which the lovers pose quickly collected several hundred likes.

Following this publication, the candidate of Llove is in the meadow also received a large number of positive messages: ” Long Live Love… Take care of you lovers “,” Hearts on your eyes, it’s too late, we saw her face with Fred. Very cute by the way “,” Have a nice weekend everyone, enjoy “,” I’m glad you found love ”,” Well, you introduce your lover to us? ”. Obviously, opinions are unanimous in admitting that Aurélia is simply resplendent and rayon of happiness. However, some of his subscribers recommend that he be careful and not reveal too much about his private life. A way of asserting that it is better to live in hiding to live happily. Nevertheless, the famous farmer seems very eager to introduce her new darling to her community. A young man that many have found to their liking!

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