maity: in the united states the 21


Carlos: I want to know about Lorenzo


put a message talking about

How is he battling,

commissioning god a miracle

like the one they witnessed together

In Israel.

it’s shattered.

elyanélica: in a separation

there is always mourning. the one that is

leaving this sad

but as he makes the decision he

grab the sicon.


who he leaves passes for another

mourning, at first anger,

sadness and then they separate.

Here they put all the


and that complicates that there is a

quiet separation or reunion


Carlos: Chiquis erased his


AI is

erased all his photos.

use black on your profile

, asking for this space that has


last week we saw her

share certain videos

very emotional songs with

much russian feeling when

I was driving for him

concert that was this end of

week with his family.

it’s a season for them,

they need the space to

overcome feelings.

Carlos: it must be nothing


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