She stole 50 thousand dollars from her employer’s house!

The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces issued the following:

On 3/17/2021, a citizen was subjected to the theft of / $ 50 / thousand dollars from his home in the locality of Ashrafieh – Beirut.

As a result, the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces began its procedures, and suspicions were raised about a girl who was working in the prosecutor’s house, and she disappeared from view after the theft.

As a result of intensive investigations and investigations, the division was able to locate its presence in Tripoli. On 3/27-2021, after a process of monitoring and control, one of the Division’s patrols in the aforementioned city stopped her, called: J. (Born in 1988, of Cameroonian nationality).
By searching them, an amount of / 4246 / US dollars and more than 6 million Lebanese pounds were found in her possession. to. A new cell phone, and / 3 / money transfers to Cameroon, the value of each of which is / 2000 / USD.

With her interrogation, she confessed what was attributed to her by the authority to carry out the theft, and that she placed part of the stolen sum in an apartment she rented in the Al-Bouar locality, and that she delivered $ 12,700 to her two citizens: F. s. (Born in 1995) lives in the locality of Bourj Hammoud. s. K. (Born in 1982) lives in the locality of Nabaa.

On the same date, the Division’s patrols raided their place of residence, stopped them, and seized $ 3120 in their possession. They also found an amount of $ 21,461 in the apartment in Bouar.

During interrogation, they admitted that they had received money from (AY) and transferred part of it to their families in Cameroon. The Division members were able to retrieve / 3 / money transfers / 6000 / dollars, before sending them to Cameroon.

The seized sums were returned to the prosecutor, the legal requirements were applied to the detainees, and the relevant authority was deposited based on the reference of the competent judiciary.


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