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Charlotte Smith shared a story about her new home on TikTok. While renovating the building and cleaning up the garden, she found something amazing. “We discover something new every day,” the Internet user admitted.

Buying a house with a long history can be an amazing adventure. This is what many people who have decided to take possession of a building that needs renovation say. This group includes Charlotte – a DIY enthusiast. The woman became the owner of a beautiful bungalow with a garden. As she herself admitted, each subsequent day of renovation brings new curiosities. One recent discovery particularly surprised her.

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They dug up the garden. A surprise awaited them under the layer of earth

Charlotte Smith decided to buy a “house with a soul”. The property needed renovation, but for the TikTok user, it was not a problem. Renovation is an exciting process for a woman. While cleaning the garden around the house, Charlotte made an amazing discovery, which she immediately shared on social media.

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It turned out that a brick driveway was preserved under a layer of green turf.

“This bungalow amazes us with strange things every day,” the owner of the property wrote on TikTok.

The previous owner of the property covered the path with grass, which he planted on … the carpet! Could it be a “homemade” version of grass from a roll? No wonder the new owners of the bungalow were very surprised.

“I’m not sure which is cooler… Finding a brick driveway or grass rolling like a carpet,” one user commented on Charlotte’s video.

The video with the unusual find gained over 1.3 million views on TikTok. As you can see, not only the owner of the bungalow with the hidden cube is interested in home metamorphosis.

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