She was raised as a boy, but after learning she had a uterus she became pregnant

Throughout her childhood she felt that she was different and suffered abuse and harassment for it. Now life gives him the opportunity to make his dream come true.

Mikey Chanel’s life was never easy. Since she was little, she always felt that she was not comfortable with her gender, without fully understanding how to deal with it.

Born as a boy, Mikey liked the typical activities of many girls, such as wearing her mother’s lipsticks and having fun walking around with her aunt’s bags.

She had very feminine gestures, which caused her many problems at school, where she was harassed and stigmatized. As she approached adolescence, her body acquired feminine curves and she felt a frank attraction to boys.

At the age of 13 he declared himself gay. But I wanted more. Within herself she felt like a woman, so she consulted with her parents about the possibility of being transgender.

Medical equipment.  |  Photo: Pixabay

Medical equipment. | Photo: Pixabay


In 2019, a problem urinating forced her to go for a medical examination. When performing an ultrasound on his urinary system, the doctor gave Mikey surprising news.

In Chanel’s abdominal cavity, a uterus, a pair of fallopian tubes and two functional ovaries were perfectly defined. The doctor indicated, possibly jokingly, that he could get pregnant if I wanted.

“At first I thought it was a joke. I didn’t even know it could be possible. And then they showed me my uterus on the screen,” said Mikey, according to The Sun.

The condition presented by Chanel is known as Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome (SCMP), and it is an alteration that occurs when the genitals.

The lack of a certain hormone causes in these children that both the female and male sexual organs develop, although they genetically have XY chromosomes, associated with the male sex.


After the initial shock and hearing the medical recommendation to undergo a hysterectomy to avoid subsequent problems like tumors and even cancer, Chanel felt that she had a unique opportunity before her.

“I always knew that I wanted to be a mother, I used to play with dolls when I was little and I have always seen children in my future, so I said: ‘it’s now or never’”, express.

With that decision made, Chanel underwent a special fertilization. As she did not have a vagina, she decided to fertilize her eggs in vitro with sperm from an anonymous donor, and three embryos were later implanted laparoscopically in his fallopian tube.

Although the chances did not favor her, it turned out on the first try and at 18 years old Chanel is in her fourth month of pregnancy and totally eager to receive her son to give her all her love.

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