Sport Sheikh Feiler's "surprise" ... exceptional fact or appearance?

Sheikh Feiler’s “surprise” … exceptional fact or appearance?

Ahmed Al Sheikh, Al-Ahly’s winger, surprised his coach, Rene Weiler, coach of the team, with his good performance in the middle (8), the player said.

Sheikh said that Feiler was surprised by the level he presented during a training match (Tri Match) immediately after returning to training, particularly in mid-July, after a long pause due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Sheikh said during his talk to the “Big House” program, which is broadcast on Al-Ahly channel, that he can defend well – contrary to what is being promoted – citing the intimidation of Jalal, his coach in clearing Egypt.

“Ehab Jalal and Rana are numbers and say your numbers in defense are among the highest numbers.” Ahmed Al-Sheikh highlights another aspect of his skills. Do the numbers reinforce what he said?

Defensive roles of the sheikh with clearing

Ahmed El Sheikh participated with the clearing in 27 games in the Egyptian League championship 2016-17 (24 mainly and 3 reserves), and was crowned top scorer for the competition under the leadership of Ihab Jalal with 17 goals after 2141 minutes of play, before drawing the attention of Al-Ahly to his inclusion in July 2017.

The offensive glow of the Sheikh with clearing in that season was accompanied by proficiency at the defensive level as well, as Ihab Jalal was relying on him in the center of the right wing in most of the matches, while obliging him to retreat while losing the ball, along with some confrontations that he played as a middle player and left wing.

In the 27 games that the Sheikh played with clearing in his best season during his career, the competing player objected to keep the ball 38 times at a rate of (1.60) in one match, as he cut the ball 19 times at a rate of (0.80), and it showed his excellence in regaining it before the competitors with a score of 114 times, at a rate of (4.79).

173 joint balls, which the Sheikh won in his matches with the clearing, at a high rate of (7.27) per match.

The Sheikh succeeded in winning air conflicts 18 times at a rate of (0.76), and he committed an average of 2.06 administrative errors (Ful) in each match, with a total of 49, most of them in the offensive third when losing the ball or trying to disrupt competitors ’attacks.

Defensive roles of Sheikh with Al-Ahly

Ahmed El Sheikh participated in 8 matches in the Egyptian League championship this season 2019-20 under the leadership of Feiler, who relied on him in 7 games, to record the player in 551 minutes of play.

Al-Sheikh challenged the opponents to keep the ball 18 times in the eight confrontations at a rate of (2.49) in the 90 minutes, as he cut the ball 16 times at a rate of (2.61), compared to restoring it before the competitors 31 times at a rate of (5.06).

The 27-year-old won 46 joint balls, averaging 7.51 per game.

The Sheikh succeeded in winning air conflicts one time, and he commits an average of 2.29 administrative errors (Ful) in each match, with a total of 14 all of them in the offensive third when losing the ball or trying to disrupt competitors ’attacks.



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