Shen Zijie’s comeback was not in good shape, he only scored 2 points and witnessed the lore off the field at the moment of life and death – yqqlm

Original title: Shen Zijie’s comeback was not in good condition and only scored 2 points. He witnessed the lore at the moment of life and death

On January 14, Beijing time, the second stage of the regular season continued. Shenzhen team played against Jilin team. In the last 1 second, the Shenzhen team, which was 1 point ahead, was beaten by Jiang Yuxing’s point tip, 102-103, lost by 1 point, and fell at the last moment in two consecutive games. Shen Zijie, who returned from injury, was in poor condition and scored 2 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 steal.

Before the game, the Shenzhen team ranked 8th with 14 wins and 7 losses. After Shen Zijie was injured, the Shenzhen team, which had achieved excellent results, fell all the way. Although Jilin team is the only host team among the 20 teams in the second stage, their results in the second stage are not satisfactory, and they are currently ranked 12th. Shen Zijie is back in this game. His last game was against Shanxi on December 31.

Big Bird, who started the game for a long time, was in a sluggish performance. He played for 7 minutes in the first quarter, and there was almost no data. At the end of the first quarter, Shenzhen trailed by 4 points.

In the second quarter, the Jilin team was full of momentum when Erjiang took turns to score points. The cheers from the home fans made every player full of passion and confidence. Seeing that the average height of the Jilin team was short, Shenzhen replaced Shen Zijie again. Under Jones’ wonderful pass, Jiang Yuxing used his speed to avoid Shen Zijie’s blocks twice and scored a layup. Shen Zijie attacked the basket, scored the ball, and assisted He Xining to score. The Jilin team’s counterattack was very fast, and the whole team was participating in the fast game, and they played a powerful momentum, which also made it difficult for a big center like Shen Zijie to compare prices.

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In the third quarter, Shen Zijie finally broke the embarrassment of 0 points and scored in the sports battle. Sullinger’s effect on the court was significantly better than Shen Zijie, who just returned. Under the leadership of Sullinger, the Shenzhen team’s small lineup overtook the third quarter and beat Jilin 31-17 in a single quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Cui Jinming held the ball over half court, and Lu Pengyu tripped his opponent. When Cui Jinming fell, he also brought down Shen Zijie, who was hurriedly returning to defense. Fortunately, Shen Zijie was not injured. The foul was upgraded to a violation, and the Jilin team got two free throws. Shen Zijie was also replaced by Salinger. At the last moment, the Shenzhen team was beaten by Jiang Yuxing’s spot shot. Many Shenzhen fans regretted that if there was Shen Zijie’s basket protection, maybe the lore could be avoided.

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