Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Shares New Details And Answers Fan Questions In New Trailer

The creators of The Sinking City answer fan questions about Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the new game based on the character of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the great characters of world literature, and throughout history he has starred in numerous novels … but also videogames. After Sherlock Holmes Devil’s Daughter, comes a prequel that tells us the origins of the detective, when I was only 21 years old.

Frogwares, creators of the interesting The Sinking City, announced a few months ago the development of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, a third person open world game that puts us in the shoes of the classic character of Conan Doyle, who in his youth will discover that the lie is a way to the truth.

Its creators have shared a new question and answer video about the game, in addition to numerous details about its plot, characters and playable details. We remind you that Sherlock Holmes Chapter One saldrá en PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4 y Xbox One during this 2021.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will have a very emotional story, which takes us to an island in the Mediterranean, home of Sherlock. After the death of his mother, He will return home to meet his inseparable friend Jon, a novelty of this delivery.

The plot of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is structured in main and secondary missions, while we freely explore a huge open world. Frogwares claims that the story will last a few 12-15 hours, but we will have to spend more than 50 hours to complete the game 100%.

One of the great peculiarities of Chapter One is that we will have to switch between Sherlock and Jon, a mysterious friend of the detective who has nothing to do with John Watson. The main plot consists of five great missions, but each character will have 3 extra chapters that will delve into their respective stories.

As in any sandbox game, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will offer side tasks, challenges and little mini-games, without forgetting the intense interrogation, dialogue and the search for clues to solve the cases that make up the story. It promises to be a very complete experience within the Sherlock Holmes universe.

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At question and answer video we can also see some details of how the voices for the characters of Sherlock y Jon, as well as details of how our decisions influence the plot of the game. Of course also there will be different endings and epilogues.

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If you like Sherlock Holmes and his universe, with this Chapter One You will discover the origins of this legendary character from literature, as well as some connections with novels and other video games based on the detective. Goes on sale this year for consoles PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

Source: Frogwares

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