Shevchenko likened England to a mountain that proved too high to climb

The coach of the Ukrainian national team, Andrei Shevchenko, likened Saturday’s quarterfinal opponent at the European Championships to England to a mountain that proved too high to conquer. The favored Albion advanced to the last four teams after a clear 4-0 win at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. For Ukraine, the quarterfinals remained at an all-time high in a big tournament, which it also reached at the 2006 World Championships.

“We played our football. We didn’t break away from our principles. We tried to fight, but this mountain turned out to be too high to conquer. It’s probably a little early for us to conquer similar mountains.” quoted Shevchenko’s UEFA website.

“Trivia decided. We didn’t deal with standard situations, England had an advantage in them. It was difficult for us,” said forty-four-year-old former striker Dynamo Kyiv, AC Milan and Chelsea.

According to him, his charges experienced a successful tournament. “The team had its own style. He refused to leave his way of play, regardless of the results and opponents. From this point of view, the team played good football. The boys did everything they could, and I want to thank them for that.” stated Shevchenko.

“It was a great tournament for us. It was the first such tournament for many of us. Above all, it’s a great experience, because now we know what it’s like to play at such a level against good teams. We’ll benefit from that in the future.” said defender Ilya Zabarny.

Captain Andrij Jarmolenko also agreed with him. “We are a great team made up of an amazing group of people. Nothing will break us. We know what we are capable of. Despite the 0: 4 defeat, I am proud of the team. Getting to the quarterfinals is a great success for us.” said the 31-year-old striker.

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“We could have played better in some matches. We did not succeed in the quarterfinals, but we should look at who against whom. I think we lost to one of the best teams in the world. But overall I am satisfied with the result. We went further than Germany and Portugal. I want to thank our fans for that, too. “ said West Ham.

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