Sheyla Rojas appears in Mujeres al Mando and a strange detail on her face draws attention

Sheyla Rojas was interviewed by the Mujeres al Mando program. (Photo: Capture Latina TV)

This Wednesday, January 12, Sheyla Rojas was interviewed by the program Women in Command, who had as guest host Melissa Paredes, to talk about the party she organized for her boyfriend Sir Winston for his birthday.

During the beginning of the video call, the influencer announced that soon he will return to Peru and, apparently, he will do it to return to the leadership of a program. However, this news faded into the background when it became apparent that he could barely move his upper lip.

“Yes, I will be in Peru soon, sooner than I thought, to be honest, and I am going with many surprises, perhaps that way. Hang on Thais (Casalino), I have a very sharp saw”commented the former reality girl with a visible difficulty pronouncing each word.

Apparently, this aesthetic problem could be a consequence of the last ‘tweak’ to which he submitted when he was in Lima in December of last year. According to what he said at the time, a ‘bodytite’ to tighten your skin; however, this caused him complications in your health.

“I did something to my double chin, it’s swollen and it still hurts. I can not speak much, but I liked the result, expressed the popular Shey Shey in her networks with an expressionless face.

When she was invited to the América Hoy program, the ex-partner of Antonio Pavon, who was already in Mexico, commented through a video call that he was still undergoing treatment to reduce the swelling.

“I’m still inflamed, it’s a bit hard for me to talk. I think I wouldn’t have flared up if I hadn’t come (to Spain) by plane, it was many hours of travel. Yes, I am doing therapy here, the doctor is happy with the inflammation, they don’t know how it was. It swelled up to my fingernail, said the presenter.

According to Sheyla, this experience helped her to don’t go to the scalpel again. “I said I’ll never do anything to myself again. And now I do say never again, but I’m happy. I see the results and I only have a few weeks, but I really like it”, Held.

The Peruvian model had difficulty speaking during an interview with the Mujeres al Mando program.


The exuberant model confessed in América Hoy that He has gone through the operating room more than 10 times to look radiant at 34 years old.

Among the procedures to which Sheyla Rojas underwent are the abdominal marking, lip augmentation and nose refinement, which was done twice because the first result was not to your liking.

She had surgery on her bust on more than one occasion and, although she did not have implants in her buttocks, she did inject her own fat to make them look more prominent. Also made a cosmetic work on the chin and waist was reduced, but she did not call both procedures surgeries.

According to the popular ‘Shey Shey’, she would have spent more than 100 thousand soles in all those procedures and she is still willing to continue paying, always depending on what her doctor recommends.

“The credit is still open. There is not limit”, answered the former reality girl and then added that she is thinking of undergoing more surgeries. “What my doctor tells me, I do. If he tells me, I tell him I’m there first thing in the morning.” said in America Today.


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