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Paris, October 5, 2021/Press Release – — 2022 Spring/Summer, Design Director Ms. Wang Chen CaixiaplayThe theme is taken from the meaning of play, joy and liveliness in the ancient text, and the expression is inspired by the Western circus. It carries the tiger totem of the oriental culture. Even if you are within your limitations, you can break through the current situation and have the courage to challenge and take risks. , The audience was shrouded in a fantasy atmosphere, and a circus performance was launched.

This season’s Paris Fashion Week is published online, stepping on the extreme sports arena outside the imagination of fashion, the curved and undulating venue, leading the viewers to immerse themselves in a dimension full of surprises and surprises, the neon that gradually lights up, see the clown We stepped and stepped and led the team in joy, the magician wielded the baton, and the models shuttled among the stunt performers, combining different projects such as stunt dances and human body ring performances, and then showed power and beauty. In the mutual swing, the new taste of the combination of eastern and western cultures is wiped out, and the wonderful moments that people can’t bear to miss are created.

This season, with a distinctive and highly tensioned costume silhouette, it responds to the imagination of the circus, and the fluffy sleeves stacked with lace and lotus leaves.type,The pleated lace neck and skirts and dresses that use skirt supports to create a fluffy and rounded silhouette are the grand opening of the series. The clothing is sometimes equipped with exclusive prints of this season, presenting classic circus elements in a surreal way. There are the hottest blue fire circle, the creeping oriental tiger, and the flying trapeze between the tightrope, which symbolizes adventure and Challenges; the classic circus rhombus pattern, the magician’s white dove, the cheering ribbon, and the curtain-calling rose symbolize the lively atmosphere. Then point and plane are used as the totem transformation of the same elements. Embroidery, hand-painting, jacquard and other techniques are displayed, sometimes transparently using stripes and rhombus lines that symbolize the classics of circus. The overall series of colors, from bright and rich orange and red, which express the invitation of a lively parade, transition to sky blue and pink interweaving into a dreamy and colorful look, and then to a bit of orange interspersed between classic black and white, highlighting the wonders and wonders. Picture.

The special feature of this season is that the puff sleeves and lace necks on the classic Chinese stand-collar tops and Chinese stand-collar dresses are all detachable collocations, which innovatively blend Eastern and Western cultures and are part of the clothes. The carrying of accessories. In addition to the stack of skirts, the style is inspired by the image of a magician in the circus. There are many neutral and tall silhouette suits, suit vests, bloomers, umbrella suit jackets and other items, as well as pointed splicing laces with consistent styles. Muller shoes and pointed-toe spliced ​​single shoes are matched, and the female magician is written in a romantic and romantic appearance. The accessories also inherited the inspiration of the series. The bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are based on the trajectory of the circus fire circle dancing, and then use the layering to overturn the stack to show the rich and interesting side. The delicate embellishment echoes the spirit of this series of brave breakthroughs and challenges.The bag is based on the concept of a retro bowling bag. On the bag, the brand’s classic hand-painted flowers are used to draw the exclusive totem of this series. The theme is the circus tiger, the ring of fire, the white dove, and the curtain call rose.playCircus elements are added to the package, and they can be used to the fullest.


Creative team


Production team


Dynamic photography

Ordynari People

Plane photography

Sanko Chi

Photography assistant

Benny Chen、Ned Lin

Audition casting

Ming-Ping Tien

Makeup team



Chen Yunuo, Dong Guanchen, Xu Chenxuan, Lai Mengyu, Yu Xingyi, Wang Tingyun, Zheng Yuanchun,
Anna Shiianova 、 Nataliia Bezsonova 、 Larissa Joncus 、 Liisa Kesamaa 、 Violetta Dzhafarova

Human body big ring stunt

Yang Junyi


Wei Zien

Hairstyle team

Laiya Professional

Makeup team


Music production

Chen Pinxian @30 and Li


Liu Jiahao

Light help

Lin Yanjun

Lighting assistant

Lin Baijie, Lin Yufan, Huang Yeqin, Pan Zhewei, Chen Yihong, Zhang Yuxuan

Lighting equipment

Island of Light Image

Aerial photography

Holden Su

Aerial shot cooperation


Special thanks to

Taipei City Government, Taipei City Government Sports Bureau, Taipei City Extreme Sports Training Center

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