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Since its launch in 2007, it has been acquired by a person who has acquired the title “The World Ends with You”.New wonderful thing“(AKA: New ‧ Beautiful New World)!
To commemorate this official event, “LIVE INTERACTIVE WORKS”, which developed the new business of SQUARE ENIX, is cooperating with “New Brave New World”!
“New Brave New World” × “FIELD WALK RPG”existPeriod from September 17th (5) to November 23rd (2), 2021Launching an event of adventure in real Shibuya!

About “New Beautiful New World”

Official Twitter

New ‧Brilliant New World“Is the latest series of the game “すばらしきこのせかい” released on Nintendo DS in 2007, and is an action RPG currently on sale on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation4.


“FIELD WALK RPG” is based on real streets and commercial facilities.A reality game event participated by the protagonist
Participants use a dedicated APP to take risks and perform tasks such as dialogue with characters, puzzle solving, treasure hunting, and battles.

Adventure stage-the metropolis “Shibuya”!

Shibuya in New SubasekaOfficial site

“New Brave New World” is an action RPG that reproduces the stage of Shibuya in 3D, but the name of the landmark “109” building in Shibuya is in the game「104」Present.
This activity will use a smartphoneCommunicating with the characters of “New Brave New World”While exploring Shibuya in reality,An event that aims to win the life-and-death “Game of Reaper”
The ability to combine the game with the reality of Shibuya is really touching.

In addition, this event will also have17 well-known facilities in Shibuyaparticipate.

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Map of 17 facilities to participate
List of participating facilities map
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The participating players have the most6 hoursYou can take an adventure while strolling in Shibuya.
In addition, as long as the conditions of each facility are met, you can get the facility design“Limited peripheral cards” (with voice actor dubbing)

Delicious food and interesting shops!

You can also eat limited meals for event participants at MAG7 (MAGNET by SHIBUYA109).
The in-store sale is marked with the sign of death チャレンジ!of“Super big!” “Super sweet!” “Super sour!” “Super spicy!”Wait4 kindsMeals.

Limited menu / benefits
Limited meal & benefits
LIW Official Twitter

You can enjoy it during the adventure or after the event. Anyway, those who want to challenge something when they are hungry may wish to try it!
In addition, “Death God チャンス♪” also offersStore benefits and services in Shibuya area

Fans make Shibuya

Original handbags are launched in collaboration with Shibukuro Project, a recognized souvenir in Shibuya City.
and,Part of the profits will be contributed to Shibuya CityTreat asStreet construction and other aspectsOf funds.
did not expectYou can also contribute to Shibuya through otaku activities, What a wonderful event…
Store sales such as “Tokyo Anime Center”, which includes the original handbag.

For details of the above activities, please seeRPG “New Wonderful Kono Sekai” Government Network in Real Shibuya

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