Shim Ha-eun ♥ Lee Chun-soo is embarrassed by the sudden call from her parents-in-law… This is not it, Salim Man 2

Photo = KBS 2TV 'Salim Nam 2' broadcast screen capture

Photo = KBS 2TV ‘Salim Nam 2’ broadcast screen capture

The moment Lee Chun-soo’s mother asked Lee Chun-soo to do a good job in the middle on KBS2’s ‘Housing Men Season 2’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Salim Nam 2’), which was broadcast on the 25th, the highest viewership rating of 7.9% (Nielsen Korea, nationwide) recorded

On this day’s broadcast, the story of Lee Cheon-soo, who raised children and housed with his parents, was drawn.

Lee Cheon-soo said, “Let’s go to the hospital quickly” when Shim Ha-eun, who recently had a thyroid nodule surgery, complained of discomfort and said, “I can’t feel it.” In response, Shim Ha-eun said that she would go to the hospital alone, and she asked Cheon-su Lee to wash the cucumbers she bought to make pickles with her twins.

Cheon-su Lee, who shouted “Don’t worry” to Shim Ha-eun, but was not confident inside, eventually asked his parents for help. mindlessly kicked out

While Shim Ha-eun went to the hospital with an uncomfortable heart, Lee Chun-su’s mother made pickled cucumbers and pickled cucumbers with her son. In the process, she found that her mother was nagging about the unorganized kitchen while she was looking for ingredients.

The father, who took care of the twins while his mother worked in the kitchen, made Baeksuk and Chicken Porridge with 6-year-old ginseng for his daughter-in-law when her mother came to the living room after work. While Lee Chun-soo was setting up her table, Shim Ha-eun returned, and Lee Chun-soo said, “I’ve done it all,” giving her a condescending look.

The father gave Shim Ha-eun chicken porridge and asked, “How are you?” Hearing that, “You said your senses tend to come back late,” he was relieved and left the house with his mother.

Shim Ha-eun, who was having a meal with Lee Chun-soo after her parents left, expressed her discomfort at the situation where her mother looked into every corner of the house, saying, “But it’s not like this”, but Lee Chun-soo did not understand this at all, saying, “How are you with your family?” couldn’t

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In the interview that followed, Shim Ha-eun said that although she understood the feelings of asking her parents for help for her, she wanted them to understand her position, and wished that she would show her how to live and raise children by herself.

‘Salim Nam 2’, a story of star-starred families, is broadcast every Saturday at 9:20 pm, telling the story of an exciting family, sometimes lacking and sad, but overcoming it and overcoming it and laughing and crying together.

By Seo Ye-jin, staff reporter for Ten Asia [email protected]

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