Shin Joo-ah, ‘Thai conglomerate’ husband a 3-tier gold bar cake birthday present

Actor Shin Joo-ah, who married a Thai conglomerate, unveiled a luxurious birthday cake.

Shin Joo-ah recently posted several photos on her social network service (SNS) account along with a short article titled “Kunseobang’s birthday.” She was a picture of a cake that Shin Joo-ah presented to celebrate her husband’s birthday. Each layer of the cake is decorated with Thai money and gold coins, and there is also a gold bar-shaped decoration in the center.

In other photos, Shin Joo-ah and her husband ate at a high-end Italian restaurant.

In 2014, Shin Joo-ah married a second-generation chaebol businessman who runs a famous paint company in Thailand and has been working back and forth between Korea and Thailand.

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