Shin Tae-yong Takes a Winding Road to Bring the Indonesian National Team to the Next Level

BOLASPORT.COM – ‘I’m on the next level, yeah‘ is the first sentence of the song ‘Next Level’ by the popular South Korean girl group from SM Entertainment, Aespa. As the song title says, Indonesian National team reach next level under made Shin Tae-yong.

Shin Tae-yong can be said to bring Indonesian National team be to next level. The reason is the team nicknamed Garuda will perform in the elite tournament of the Yellow Continent, Asian Cup 2023.

Asian Cup 2023 will be the next level tournament to follow Indonesian National team. After 2007, Indonesian National team only dwelling in the Southeast Asian regional tournament, aka the AFF Cup.

Last time Indonesian National team appeared in the Asian Cup in 2007, qualified automatically as co-hosts with Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

If we look back, what is the way Shin Tae-yong bring Indonesian National team ke next level running smoothly? Of course not, the South Korean coach had to go through a long and winding road to qualify Indonesian National team ke Asian Cup 2023.

Shin Tae-yong appointed as coach Indonesian National team in January 2020.

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He was immediately faced with a difficult obstacle, the Covid-19 pandemic. During 2020, the pulse of national football was stopped due to the effects of the pandemic which also hit the global world.

Mid -2021, Shin Tae-yong has a tough task, namely to continue the baton Indonesian National team who competed in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers/Asian Cup 2023.

Before Shin Tae-yong arrive, Indonesian National team already at the bottom of Group G 2022 World Cup Qualification/Asian Cup 2023 no points with three games remaining.

The remaining three matches in Group G are against Thailand, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

Shin Tae-yong bring Indonesian National team played a 1-1 draw against Thailand.

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Next lost 0-4 to Vietnam, then Shin Tae-yong get a yellow card.

In the next match against the United Arab Emirates, Shin tae-yong must be absent.

The match was finally led by the assistant coach Shin Tae-yongChoi In-chul, Indonesian National team lost 0-5 to the United Arab Emirates.

Indonesian National team also finished as bottom of Group G with one point from a total of eight matches. The previous five matches, the Garuda squad under Simon McMenemy.

With that result, Indonesian National team have to go through the Qualifying play-offs Asian Cup 2023.

Qualifying Play-offs Asian Cup 2023

In the play-offs to be held in October 2021, Indonesian National team faced with Taiwan to fight for tickets to qualify for the third round of Qualification Asian Cup 2023.

Playing two legs, Shin Tae-yong bring Indonesian National team crushing Taiwan 5-1 on aggregate.

First leg, Indonesian National team beat Taiwan with a score of 2-1 at Chang Arena, Thailand, Thursday (7/10/2021).

Two goals Indonesian National team printed by Ramai Rumaikiek (16 ‘) and Evan Dimas (51’). Indonesian National team conceded in the 90th minute through the ball from Hsu Heng-Pin’s kick.

Second leg, Indonesian National team won over Taiwan with a score of 3-0 at Chang Arena, Thailand, Monday (11/19/2021).

Three goals Indonesian National team scored by Egy Maulana Vikri (27′), Ricky Kambuaya (54′), and Witan Sulaeman (90+3′).

After successfully overcoming Taiwan, Indonesian National team also advanced to the third round of Qualification Asian Cup 2023.

Third Qualifying Round Asian Cup 2023

In this round, Indonesian National team joined in Group A with Jordan, Kuwait and Nepal. Kuwait is the host of the group.

Indonesian National team which is considered one eye in this group is able to provide a surprise.

Indonesian National team able to win over Kuwait with a score of 1-2, even more epic Garuda squad comeback after falling behind first.

next game, Indonesian National team narrowly lost to Jordan with a score of 0-1, and won 7-0 over Nepal in the final match.

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With that result, the Indonesian national team qualified for the Asian Cup 2023 as one of the best runners-up.

In this round, Indonesian National team showed extraordinary development, they managed to overcome the Middle East team, Kuwait and had made Jordan nervous.

Before the third round of Qualification Asian Cup 2023last win Indonesian National team over Kuwait was 42 years ago in the Merdeka Tournament.

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“I didn’t know we had beaten Kuwait in 42 years,” said Shin Tae-yongreported by from South Korean media, Newsis.

“I think the first game was the most important. It was Kuwait’s home ground, and the temperature went up to 42 degrees, but it looks like the opponent can’t play because it’s too hot and difficult too. If you focus you can play.

Furthermore, Shin said in the past, players Indonesian National team be wary of meeting Middle Eastern teams.

“In the past, Indonesian players thought, ‘We can’t meet the Middle East team’, but we can win by fighting well without being afraid at the opponent’s house,” he said.

Indonesian National team counted as successful in achieving achievements to qualify for Asian Cup 2023Previously, Shin brought Garuda to finish runner-up in the 2020 AFF Cup and awarded the 2021 SEA Games bronze medal for the U-23 national team.

It turns out that behind that success, Indonesian National team underwent changes below Shin Tae-yongnamely a matter of mental players.

“I’ve coached Indonesia for two and a half years, but it’s been about a year since I actually worked with the players,” said Shin Tae-yong.

“I can’t train or play because of Corona 19.

“I was able to train even before I went to the AFF Cup. I tried to change a lot of mental parts of the players, and it changed. There are parts where the fighting spirit and mental strength are low,” he said.

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Asian Cup 2023

Asian Cup 2023 is a tournament next level which will follow Indonesian National team next year.

At this level, the opponents will face Indonesian National team much more difficult.

While currently entering pot 4, Fachruddin Aryanto et al have the potential to meet strong teams such as Japan, Australia, South Korea, Iran, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia from Pot 1.

However, the author is optimistic that Indonesian National team able to give the best and talk a lot in Asian Cup 2023 later.

Because under a coach labeled World Cup, players Indonesian National team already have a good mentality, where it can be used as an important capital.

Besides that Indonesian National team will add three new ammunition to live the event.

The three ammunition are prospective naturalized players Sandy Walsh, Shayne Pattynama, and Jordi Amat who are expected to join the team. Indonesian National team from Asian Cup 2023.

Not again, Indonesian National team also strengthened by the players abroadsuch as Witan Sulaeman, Egy Maulana Vikri, Asnawi Mangkualam, Pratama Arhan, Saddil Ramdani, and Elkan Baggott.

In addition, the other players who fill the squad Indonesian National team in the third round of Qualification Asian Cup 2023 also performed well, for example, Rachmat Irianto who performed brilliantly.

Shin Tae-yong You will also have many options for player selection to the strategy to be used.

With a series of reasons above, it is hoped that Indonesian National team can ‘crush’ his opponents in Asian Cup 2023in line with the English translation of the song ‘Next Level’ belonging to the South Korean girl group, Aespa: ‘I’m on the next level, I open the door over there, Next level, I’ll destroy you in the end’.

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