Shingles vaccine, relationships are studied

I have three children married and with children. I am not vaccinated and I don’t want to be. My wife is bivouacked. Between children, siblings and grandchildren, some bivaccinated, others not vaccinated who do not want to be. Reasons for the decision of both, the same that we hear every night in all radio and television programs and that we read in all theatrical sauces beyond the imaginable.

In fifteen, my family reunited, according to the latest psychiatric definitions, partly to be locked up in Indian reservations-novax to reassure those who do not want to meet unvaccinated, partly generous, altruists who have made an act of love, finds themselves together and festive at a single table for outdoor dining in one of the two best restaurants in the region.

When we begin to chatter with the cold, we will be at the table in the large living room of our grandparents’ house. Grandparents who have never quarreled, or even discussed animatedly, to try to impose their beliefs on the other. Are we a really abnormal family (made up of crazy and unconscious) or to be proposed as a model for the extended Italian family?

Having said that, I would invite all those who read me to communicate, and push to communicate, their documentable experience, relating to the tragedy we are experiencing, in my opinion, also thanks to Mattarella, Speranza and his careful choice of CTS members (re-edition of famous Committee that beheaded Robespierre) and now also thanks to Draghi. Have they got it into his head that he is an Illuminating Illuminator? And now let’s keep it.

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In short, the experience in my small way. – A Tuscan cousin, with blood sugar peaks of 450 mg / dL, locked up at home eating spaghetti, practically died in his sleep at just over 65 and declared dead of Covid, without any examination.

– Flavio La Gioia, to whom I dedicated a thought (readable on Affaritaliani) young son of my friend Antonio La Gioia, who died immediately after the second dose (I would like to see how many of the angriest provex, would not tone down if they lived a similar tragedy , from very close but also from afar). Official statement: death not related to the vaccine: he was heart disease. (detail overlooked: his doctor did not know and he had never had any trouble).

– A sister-in-law of mine, who had a knee surgery on July 20, immediately after the second dose, is still bedridden after more than two months because of a staphylococcal infection contracted at the hospital and does not return: we begin to fear the worst.

– An ultra-gym friend also in the pool all year round, immediately after the second dose, in bed with a very violent form of shingles, disfiguring, with very slow regression for almost two months.

A quick search on the internet is enough to know that the vaccine-Fire correlation of SA is being studied and the post-operative complications of the vaccinated, caused by the earthquake triggered in the values ​​of IgA, IgG, IgM, IgE. Disruption of which the Sacred Qudrimurti still knows nothing, just as she knows nothing about the importance of the stature-body weight ratio, nothing about the seemingly very important role of the blood group, for contagiousness and reactions to infection, etc ….

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A final consideration on what I call THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. The unstoppable and ultra-repetitive chatter on the subject should finally get to ask for an adequate study on the role of the current neo-Pythagoreans, for their sectarian behavior. Tip of the Iceberg, visible to all, is the incredible incident that happened to Galli, one of the Sacra Quadrimurti: the sensational and significant disavowal of his television statements (“My department is full of infected with variants and all not vaccinated”) arrived promptly directly from his department.

In my very small, I am ready to show a very small part of the Iceberg, made up of conditioning, threats also aimed at serious and true scientists, with a number of publications to make the Sacra Quadrimurti blush. Argument used to silence, really convincing: if you insist, you find yourself out and without a salary …. That is, like a modern Hippasus.

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