Shining a new tattoo, Bird, watermelon fan. Thank you Kratip for sharing good memories.

Shining a new tattoo Bird Watermelon Fan Thank you Kratip Chawankon for joining in the memory. The new tattoo features plum, Bird’s cat, and watermelon.

Nostalgia still works every day. Although the actress Watermelon Nida It’s been 4 months since he passed away, but everyone still misses and remembers the precious memories of the old days with the actress. Like a boyfriend outside the industry Bird Technique to move on with life but still misses his girlfriend all the time It’s a love that many people even praise.

Shining a new tattoo, Bird, watermelon fan. Thank you Kratip for joining in the memory.

which previously Bird Has tattooed on the shoulder as the number 13 is the watermelon’s birthday. by this tattoo is a young actress Kratip-Chawanakorn Wattanaphisitkul Being a tattooist, most recently (June 23), Bird posted a picture with Kratip again on his personal Instagram. @stonerbkk This time, he has given one more tattoo kratip. It’s a good memory to be saved. This picture belongs to Plum, Bird’s little cat, and watermelon.

Before leaving the caption, “THX FOR YOU @kratip Chang Tip Chang Ball Thank you Thep shop. @bkk_ink_tattoo_studio Thank you for taking good memories with me. #stonerbkk #greenman #plum #sweeteyessociety #bkkinktattoo.”

Bird tattoo 1

Bird tattoo 2

Bird tattoo 3

Bird tattoo 4

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