Entertainment Shitstorm for Justin Bieber's corona luxury talk with Kendall...

Shitstorm for Justin Bieber’s corona luxury talk with Kendall Jenner

It should be a little bit of small talk during the Corona curfew. In the end there was a lot of criticism!

Justin Bieber (26) and his wife Hailey (23) sit in corona isolation in Los Angeles. So far, so normal.

However, they do not necessarily spend this time in a rented apartment like the majority of Otto normalos. The Biebers spend their Corona time in a luxury villa in Beverly Hills: XL pool, XL space and XL view included.

The Biebers spend their curfew on around 6,000 square meters, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms and a library …

The situation is similar a few kilometers away with model Kendall Jenner (24). She also doesn’t leave the villa anymore. It’s not that bad, because there’s a lot of luxury at home in West Hollywood.

On Instagram, the Biebers and Kendall Jenner now talked about the time at home …

“We are blessed to be in this position,” said Justin Bieber. «Many people are currently in a bad situation and then they look at us. Of course we worked hard to be where we are. »

And Justin Bieber continues: “So we can’t feel bad for, you know, the things we have.” Kendall Jenner agrees benevolently: “So blessed, I think about it all the time.”

However, the celebrity fans found this less brilliant. «Thank God they appreciate us. So grateful, »reads. “And suddenly my debts are gone and I’m no longer unemployed.”

US talk queen Ellen DeGeneres (62) also recently had a strong headwind. She compared her Corona curfew in her approximately 25 million Swiss franc villa with a stay in prison.


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